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A Website that Gathers Business Leads for You 24/7 for Less than You Could Ever Imagine!

Every business owner is interested in getting new business as easily and as cost-efficiently as possible. It costs much more to get a new customer or client than it does to retain an existing one. So a website which gathers new business leads round the clock is going to be of great interest to any business owner or manager who cares about the bottom line.

Over the years, people considering buying a website for their business have become accustomed to good websites costing a huge amount of money. Decent business websites cost thousands, right? Well, that’s what people have been brought to believe. In fact, business websites are expensive because website builders (and SEOs, for that matter) spend most of their time dealing with time wasters.

So website designers and SEOs have reacted to that, and charge large amounts of money for what they do, because it compensates them for all the time that they've had wasted. The result is that people who actually do buy websites and SEO services are presented with a large bill to compensate suppliers for all the hours spent not earning but answering the same old questions to the timewasters. The result is that it isn't fair on the people who buy the websites because they are met by these huge bills because of the timewasters. Therefore websites cost a lot.

Well, we thought we'd break that cycle of inefficiency and artificial inflation.

So what we did was reverse the process. We started off at the front of the sales funnel with a website which had all the basics, and then we made optional extras available to those businesses who wanted and needed them (so that no time is wasted asking questions about whether something was available, because it always was available if needed).

The outcome was that we were able to use these economies of scale to bring the price of the website down to an unbelievable figure. We asked businesses what they wanted in a fully equipped website.


We Listened to You

Here’s what business owners said they wanted:

  • Lead gathering facilities (both phone and email)
  • Email capture which emails to us in real-time and at any time
  • Nice ‘expensive looking’ design but with low price
  • Looks great on a mobile phone as well as a desktop or laptop computer
  • Will show up close to the top of the search engine results, to get more visitors, thus more leads
  • We want to be able to edit small changes, not have to pay money to web designers to change things whenever we change our phone, add a mobile number, move address, etc.
  • We want to be able to upload our changes using an easy system
  • Fully upgradeable: it has to grow as my business grows, and no rebuilding from scratch, which is expensive.
So all the above is available as a basic website. But we also decided to include all the following as basic as well:

  • Free domain name research (and competition research)
  • Free .com domain name registration
  • Fully responsive site: looks great on all devices including laptop, mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.
  • Built-in SEO: your site has ‘expensive’ SEO built into it for great search rankings, more visitors, more leads
  • Addition of 7 recommended legal and conditional pages to show search engines you mean business
  • Secure certificate website (SSL) for security and even better search engine rankings (more leads)
  • 100 free email addresses with domain
  • Built-in networking: instant access to your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts
  • Extendable networking: we can add more accounts to any other business or social network
  • Free HTML editor for you to make edits which is really easy to use: if you can use a word processor then you can use this to make changes to your site
  • Free FTP software with this to enable you to upload whenever you like
  • Free video tutorials (although you probably won’t need them) on everything slightly ‘technical’
  • Free updates on all new technology and design features, as they arrive, for life


Now, how much do websites like these cost, that do all of the above, which look great and which collect business leads for you round the clock? Fifteen hundred? Two thousand?

In fact, this quality website packs all the above for less than £500. (We've reduced it from its conventional £625, yet that is very cheap as well, for what it is, and certainly for what it does.)

We also have the following optional extras (because not all businesses will need these, therefore not all businesses will want to pay for these as basic):

  • Google maps SEO and business listings, information and citations service
  • Local SEO maintenance so your site’s listing is always at or near the top
  • Comprehensive SEO campaigns for those who want it
  • Third party email marketing integration and multiple autoresponders by Aweber
  • An on-site blog for better communication and regular content updates (Wordpress)
  • Choice of content management systems
  • Forum if needed (can be useful for customer user groups and gathering feedback).
  • A catalogue or portfolio section, to show off the range of products the business has, if it sells different products (Joomla or similar), with full SEO
  • Photo slideshows, galleries and multimedia (for the creative industries).
  • Full ecommerce capabilities, with online shopping facility, shopping cart and secure payment processing.


We work closely with our clients to ensure that the finished website is everything that the client could hope for.



What Each Feature Means in Detail

Now I'd like to explain what each one of these features means to you as a business owner, and how each one of these features can benefit your growing business.


Basic Features Included at One Low Cost:


Free domain name research (and competition research)

We will look at all of the possible choices for the best domain name for your website, based on what is available and the search volumes of all options. Then we look at the competing domains and evaluate which of the short list of domains is the best choice for your business. This is a free service at the start of the website building process, but it is the most important; because if this isn't right, everything that follows will be equally wrong.


Free domain name registration

Depending on which hosting service you use, you can register your .com domain free. If your choice indicates a domain, you can register this (at the time of writing) from 123-Reg for £0.99.


Lead gathering facilities (both phone and email)

Your website will work for you at all hours of the day and night by collecting business leads for you. People will enter their name and email address in order to find out what's in it for them. While it is to be hoped that prospective customers or clients will not phone you during the night, nevertheless your phone number will feature prominently on your website for a quick chat, while names and email addresses will go directly for you to follow up when you’re ready. The email facility is always there 24/7 and 365 days a year. Your prospective customers will enter their details in order to get a free report (which we will write for you and with you, supplying positive information about your business which your customer is eager to learn about). You know that it costs much more to gain a new client than to keep an existing client, and this is the best way to get new ones for hardly any effort at all!


Responsive: looks great on all devices including mobile

The website is written using the latest HTML5 and CSS3, and also uses PHP scripting in parts. This means that it looks great in all formats (including mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet, TV, etc.) with graphics, tables and different sections slipping into place discretely depending on which device is being used to look over the site. The way your business will appear to the world will be highly impressive, whatever the medium.


Built-in SEO: Your site will show up very high on the search engine results, to get more visitors, thus more leads

A lot of business owners get their website built then wonder why it’s buried away on page 24 of the search results where nobody can see it. Then they get someone to “do” the SEO afterwards. This always costs a huge amount of money because it is a difficult and clumsy way to go about it. Also, it won't work that way. SEO isn’t something that can be bolted on afterwards: it must be congruent with the design and build of the website; it must be part of the site from the word go, otherwise it won’t work properly. Nature doesn't make a tree then add the grain of the wood later on.


Addition of seven recommended and conditional (mandatory and/or legal) pages

These are the pages which are recommended by the SEO industry that we put on your site as a matter of course. They comprise the About Us, Contact, Privacy Policy, Help, Error 404, Terms of Service and Disclaimer pages. These additional pages are supplementary to your main content pages and show the search engines that you mean business, that you are properly set up and that you can follow through on what you started out to do; you’re not just a pretty website. Each of these pages comes with a standard template which will be completed with your own basic site details during setup. But they can, and should, be edited to your own circumstances and for any special requirements of your own sector or industry. It is recommended that you have a look at these and edit the pages as you think fit (using the free editor that comes with the site). Parts which should be edited and varied in this way and which have legal or statutory significance are clearly written in red. This is something you must address right at the start, please. It will pay off.


Secure certificate website (SSL) for security and even better search engine rankings

This is what gives websites the coveted ‘https://’ before the domain name. At the risk of stating the obvious, this denotes that the site is a secure site. It also has advantages in that Google has already stated publicly that such secure sites will have better ranking in the search listings than non-secure sites, all other things being equal.


100 free email addresses with domain

Instead of the throwaway email address that you’ve been having to manage with up till now (Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail, etc.) you now have up to 100 potential email addresses based around your website’s domain name. Thus each person in your business can have their own address ( and and you can have a separate address for each department (such as and This is also useful when you want to check how successful individual marketing campaigns have been. So you can run an advert in the Evening Standard for ten weeks and have a different address for each week of the campaign; clearly you can then measure the success of each advert on a week by week basis (by the response to, The return email address can be hard-coded into the advert or campaign so that there is no chance of error.


Built-in and extendable networking: instant access to your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts

Access your social networking and business networking accounts directly from your site. Let us know at the design stage if you have any other such accounts and we’ll add their connectivity into the mix as well. Not just a handy attribute; this also ties in nicely with the citations aspect of Google's local SEO listings.


Free HTML editor

Don't be scared by yet another bit of jargon. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, which is the scripting convention used to write (thereby create) websites. An HTML editor is an editor which enables you to create web pages, or change the appearance and content of existing web pages (either by working with the design interface, which is easier, or the code interface, which is less easy). It's free and it works well. Actually it's very similar to Dreamweaver, which is the industry standard editor used to create and edit web pages, and that costs a lot of money (its owners, Adobe, won't sell it to you but charges you £49 per month; much like Microsoft Office, only more expensive), so the savings on having such an editor for nothing is considerable.

This is for you to make edits and is really easy to use: if you can use a word processor then you can make changes to your site using this software. Most website owners have to go limply to their web developer with their credit card every time they want a tiny change made to their site such as a different phone number or a change in personnel or opening times. With an Able site you won’t ever need to go to that expense or hassle. Make those small changes any time - but please, always keep a backup!


Free FTP software

This goes with the editor. Whenever you make a change to a file you must upload it to your server for the change to take effect. This enables you to upload files whenever you like literally with a click of a mouse. Once your site’s permanent settings are entered into the software it’s ready to run whenever it’s needed.


Free video tutorials

These are available whenever you need them (although you probably won’t need them) on everything even slightly ‘technical’.


Free software and design updates

As technology improves so will your business and so will your website. When this happens, you’ll get a chance to get free updates of versions you already have, for the life of your site and your business, with no extra cost.



Optional Extra Features at Extra Cost:


Google maps SEO and business listings, information and citations service

These all play a part in local SEO these days. Your site may need more of less of these, depending on the competition in the locality and the sector you work in. You may not need any additional help at all if the competition is low. An audit will tell what is necessary (but only if you want one).


Local SEO maintenance so your site’s listing is always at or near the top

Ongoing maintenance will keep your site at or near the top of the listings, depending on the number of competitors in the same area. The extent of the maintenance which is necessary will be the result of the 'difficulty' of the sector, the number of competing businesses in the local area and the competitiveness of


Comprehensive SEO campaigns for those who want it

There is plenty of scope for SEO campaigns where you want to spread your site’s sphere of influence beyond your immediate locality. Most local businesses will not want this option, but it is available if you do.


Third party email marketing integration and multiple autoresponders by Aweber

The email capture system on the basic website will do the basics of notifying you when someone posts their email address, and it will also allow you to keep their email address. But if you want to run email campaigns then you should consider getting third party integration using Aweber, a well-established supplier of email marketing and database management. You can set up multiple email campaigns, set up broadcast emails, do A/B split testing within your Aweber account and a lot more. The fact that Aweber is well-known in the Internet marketing industry means that ISPs are less likely to consider emails sent by Aweber as spam, therefore your emails are going to enjoy a very good open rate, with a corresponding low bounce rate.


An on-site blog for better communication and regular content updates (Wordpress)

We can attach a Wordpress blog to your site so that you can update content on a daily or weekly basis, which is great for getting new business. By subscribing to different syndication systems which are highly targeted to your own industry, you can develop authority and traction. You can also schedule syndication of new content to update on a regular basis. This is useful for certain types of business only.


Forum if needed (useful for customer user groups and gathering feedback)

Again, only certain types of business will find this useful. A range of forum types is available. If your business thrives on discussion and debate then you will probably want a forum. It is also good from an SEO point of view because of the additional proliferation of content which a forum provides.


A catalogue or portfolio section

If your business involves selling products then a catalogue or portfolio section is available in several different formats including Joomla. This is configured with full SEO to all pages.


Photo slideshows, galleries and multimedia

A choice of different galleries and slideshows can easily be attached onto your main site. This option would be suitable for the creative industries.


Full ecommerce capabilities, with online shopping facility, shopping cart and secure payment processing

For those who want ecommerce capability, a range of graded options are available. At its most simple, you could have a ‘Buy Now’ button from Paypal directly on your site which could be set up in minutes. For more sophisticated needs you could integrate a shopping cart with merchant processing, right up to the full ecommerce package which may include migrating to other platforms if your volume of sales was sufficiently high. With ecommerce sites we would also recommend upgrading your hosting to a dedicated server in order to accommodate the anticipated increased volume of activity.



The above is an overview of what you get with the basic version of the website (which, in itself, is very wide-ranging in its scope and capabilities) and also what you get with the paid options. Remember, you will never pay for what you don't want and don't need.

No doubt you will want to know about the cost of this. On the following page is a detailed schedule of costs. Also on the following page is a link to an example website so that you can get a rough idea what your website could look like.

So click here to go to the next page.




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